Procedure of Selection

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    Complete the Registration Form and submit.

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    You will receive an email to confirm your registration.
    Please click the link in the email.

  • Application Test.

    The Application Test is divided into two sections.

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      Multiple choice type

      Test on English grammar.

    • 4

      Writing section

      Test on written English.



  • Formal English teaching experience (paid or unpaid)
  • High school graduate or above
  • 18 years of age or older

Preferred Qualifications (at least one required)

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in English
  • Licensed English teacher in your home country (Early Childhood Education and above)
  • English teaching certification (CELTA/DELTA/TESOL/TEFL/TESL)
Proficiency in Japanese or experience in English exam preparation is advantageous!


All fields are required

(8  characters minimum)

- Please enter your official full name.

- If you don't have a Skype™ account already, you can get one  here.

Country of birth
Country of residence

If we discover any discrepancies in the information you provide, such as your nationality or occupation, we reserve the right to cancel your registration or terminate your account without prior notice.

- The salary is paid through PayPal™. You must have a valid account to receive money.

- 100 characters or less

0/100 characters

The content you provide for your self-introduction will be made public to students if you are hired.
Please follow these guidelines:

- Over 100 characters

- Use proper English without slang, abbreviations, or typos.

- Use timeless expressions. (For example; write "since 2011" instead of "for 10 years.")

- Briefly outline your teaching background and qualifications.

- If applicable, mention your proficiency in Japanese or other languages.

- Feel free to mention hobbies or personal interests.

※In addition to your self-introduction, please utilize the format in the input field to highlight your skills and qualifications.
(This is not part of the 100 characters count. This part will not be made public to students but used to assess whether you meet the application requirements or not. )

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Internet connection speed




Your Portrait Photo

The photo you upload here will be used as your profile picture for students when you are hired.
Please ensure your photo meets the following requirements.


1. Smiling & Looking friendly

2. Looking professional

3. Looking straight at the camera

4. Nobody/nothing behind you

5. Plain background (White is the best but other light colors are okay, NO black or dark colored backgrounds)

6. Full headshot (Ensure your full head and face are visible)

7. Good visual quality (NO screenshots)

8.Full-color photo (Black & white photos will not be accepted)

9. JPEG or PNG image file format

10. Taken within the last 3 months

Before pressing submit, please read the following carefully.
If you agree, proceed to submit the form:
  • Please be informed that if the information you provide or the uploaded photo does not meet the requirements written above, we will be unable to proceed with the interview, even if you have booked one after passing the written application test.

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