Revolutionary online English tutorial company in Japan


  • Replying to messages and editing conversations anytime at your earliest convenience.
  • No need to fix your schedule in advance.
  • Especially flexible for people who are currently studying or working.


  • Home, cafe, school, office or train, you can choose anywhere you feel comfortable to login via a computer or smartphone.


  • Simply teach English to a Japanese student
  • All you need is a computer or smartphone.
  • You can teach seveal students at the same time.


  • The job is well-paid, and your pay depends on your commitment every month.
  • Your monthly pay will depend on number of the messages you have replied to and edited, and the number of voice memos you have recorded.


  • Payments are done via Paypal™ account wherever you are all over the world.

About "Best Teacher"

"Best Teacher" provides a stage for Japanese students to create their unique online text books with the help of teachers; and students can improve their pronunciation using voice recorders online.

Message from CEO

To foreigners in Japan;

Superior to face-to-face lessons and ordinary Skype™ lessons, "Best Teacher" can be accessed anywhere, anytime via your computer or smartphone. Please feel free to start your teaching here at "Best Teacher".

To foreigners outside Japan;

When traveling around Asia, I am always amazed at the English skills of people from other Asian countries. Please feel free to join us and take advantage of your skills.